Institution overview

v      institute is running under the aegis India secular society regd. Under SR act an autonomous and non profit society .with the objective of augmenting the resources of nation.

v      Since then institute shaped into a premier institution for the development and dissemination of knowledge and skill in various field of academic like communication, journalism, public relation, information science and teaching.

v      A governing body comprising academicians and industrialist has been constituted to draft a long term perspective of the institute.

v      Keeping in view the sheer volume of demand for software programmers and engineers to meet Indiaís growing requirement and also the exceptionally high rate of obsolescence in the area of education, institute embarked upon the novel initiative of offering courses under distance education system.

v      NCERT for the present need approved the syllabus of the nursery /primary teachers training

In the pursuit the above mentioned aims, institute aims to provide:

v      High quality education relevant to society and suitable for professional needs.

v      An intellectually challenging and culturally enriching environmental of learning.

v      Access to the latest development in education.

To sum up education of related institute is six faced: value-oriented, coordination-oriented, vocation oriented, life oriented rural development-oriented and social welfare-oriented.

Nursery /primary teacherís training/ NTT/computer teachers training.

v      Various municipal corporation of India like Delhi,U.P , Rajasthan, Haryana, and southern part of Indian state etc. for the primary level teachers.

v      Professional correspondence course conducted by distance education, lucknow ,under article 29-30 of the Indian constitution is recognized under Indian govt. S.R Act XXI 1860.these courses are valid for the private sector also.

v      Bal evam paushtik ahar vikas vibhag, U.P for the priary leval teachers.

v      Some social welfare department of the various state govt.

Institution objective

One of the institution objectives is to endeavor through education, training development, extension and consultancy, to play a positive role in the integrated development of well-qualified professional manpower at all levels.

Institution will

v      Provide access to higher education for a large segment of population residing in rural as well as urban areas group, housewives and other who wish to upgrade or acquire knowledge in different fields.

v      Open the doors of employment-oriented learning to thousands of young persons and adults in distant place (The institution is equipped with a team of experienced experts of design, plan and implement courses with the highest academic quality and employability).

v      Provide a solid foundation of scientific principles skills and practical training.

v      Inculcate a strong understanding of the complex interdisciplinary subjects and infuse extensive development of written and communicative skills.

v      Provide counseling and guidance to its students.

v      Promote national and international understanding and integrated development of the human personality through its policies and programmes.






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